We have decades of experience working with large corporations as well as small startups. We are adept at evaluating technologies, improving development process, and building teams and organizations. We are here to help you be successful.

Building Internal Teams

We work with companies that need to extend their offerings into new technologies. We help determine their needs, how to start a new team within their organization, and what process they will need in order to be successful.

Process Improvement

If you feel that your team is under performing, we can help determine what issues may be preventing you from reaching your goals. We do a comprehensive evaluation of your existing environment and make specific recommendations for how to get your team to the next level. We know how to help clients create a process that leads to the delivery of high-quality products on time. We can help you and your team achieve success.

Venture Capital or Mergers and Acquisitions

If you are looking at investing in a commercial software organization or merging with or acquiring one, then you need technical assistance to evaluate the technology or technical capabilities that exist within that organization. We will do an independent review to determine if your target has the technical depth that supports their marketing glitz. Don’t buy that mobile or social networking company without making sure that they are not full of duds.


We develop working relationships with new start ups to help them extend their business while managing their internal growth. We can work as a development-services team to help your clients use your technologies, thereby broadening your reach into new markets.

We also can take your ideas and turn them into product realities. If you have a product idea but are not yet ready to hire a full time staff, we will provide you with all the development services necessary to achieve your product vision. When you are ready to manage your own team, we turn over a complete development environment and process and assist your new team with the transition.