Design & Development


The Tryon designers meld the business objectives of our clients with the engineering realities of the target platform. They work through wireframes to help the clients, the engineers, and the designers come to an agreement for the most effective product workflow.

They then spread that magic dust around and come up with the prettiest pictures to make that UI come alive. And they do all this while maintaining an exceptional user experience as a core mandate.


Modern UI/UX Design

Our interfaces are based on years of user interface testing and best practices. We understand the importance of usability and tailor every interface to the needs of our clients, giving each application a carefully constructed design and feel.


Before development officially begins, you’ll have an immediate sense of the direction of your application. Feedback and user-testing play a critical role early in any project to deliver not only software that is stable and usable, but needed and useful as well.


Our Software Services include everything from a simple website to complex web, mobile, and desktop based solutions.

Experience the development of your software in near real-time. Our commitment to transparency and collaborative development techniques will provide you with a bird’s-eye view of your masterpiece at every point in the process.

We pride ourselves on using modern tools and best practices to provide you with a secure, stable, and high-performing application that you and your users will find pleasant to use.

Enterprise Solutions

With security and scalability at the forefront, our software can be completely tailored to your organization’s needs. We take pride in creating applications that help your staff get more work done in less time.

Cross Platform Development

We develop and support software for all modern operating systems and mobile devices including Android, iOS, Windows, OS X, and Linux.

Feature-Rich Web Applications

We develop sophisticated, cutting-edge web applications rivaling many complex desktop applications. We also support various Content Management Systems (WordPress, Drupal) to empower your organization with enhanced training and support.

Integrated Mobile Applications

Our mobile applications are optimized for responsiveness, usability, and stability for all environments and markets. We will help drive your application’s market presence with advanced features ranging from widgets to seamless social integration and analysis.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Creating customized software to meet your organization’s objectives is our specialty. We also ensure it deployed and managed successfully using secure on-demand network scaling technology to handle the most demanding changes in network traffic.

Application Maintenance & Migration

We can help you move out from an older application or server framework and modernize your technical business’ operations while cutting costs along the way.

Featured Technologies