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When Tryon was approached to assist with an effort to create a prototype to demonstrate PrecisionAg features, we initially contributed with iOS app development, project management, and ideation.  When it came time to create a production version of the prototype, Tryon quickly ramped up the team to provide the end-to-end development services, which required the development of an enterprise suite of precision agriculture features.  This team included engineers with experience in web services, web application development, database design and implementation, mobile devices, and UI/UX.

OBJECTIVE: Develop a PrecisionAg app with a cloud suite.

PLAN: Building security and high-performance was the first critical step for building from the ground up.  We followed industry-standard best practices for security and performance, including firewalls, load balancing, encryption, user account hardening, and all that is required to ensure a safe and secure environment for our client’s proprietary data.  We chose AWS as the cloud provider due to their set of capabilities that matched our needs.

Knowing that we needed to isolate information in silos that represented each grower, we created a data model that was safe, as well as flexible enough to support users that needed to have access to multiple growers.

RESULT: This high-performance system supported a variety of features that empowered the grower, the scouts, and the other agronomists on the project.  The users received an iPad app with automated scouting assistance, remote connection to the cloud services with imagery, details, reports on-site, and a full web dashboard with the ability to slide and dice their data. Customized reports were also available with access to scouting details and financial information from the built-in financial suite.

The key to this effort was for our team to quickly develop an understanding of precision agriculture practices, as well as the day-to-day activities of the agronomists.  This led us to advise on new features and methods for accomplishing and automating tasks.

This project supports millions of acres of commercial farms.

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