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Building on technologies and skills developed by Tryon Creek Software over the course of the past 10 years, we have enabled enhanced abilities in cataloging, organizing, and analyzing imagery, using Artificial Intelligence and the associated machine learning in an incredibly fast process requiring no human intervention. One of the ways that we've developed these commercial enterprise features for our clients includes the ability to show their users trends nearly instantaneously. Using multi-layered tiffs generated by multi-spectral imagers we convert very complex computations and analyses into simple to use software graphical applications.

One of our most significant advantages is our ability to develop enterprise systems that process extremely fast and work seamlessly throughout the cloud, on-premise, and through back end tools. This is evident in the current iteration of the system that we have developed using our proprietary technologies to pre-process, capture, post-process, upload to the cloud, feed to the artificial intelligence, and almost instantly return actionable intelligence to the client dashboard. This entire process happens in a matter of seconds. Our client and its customers receive near real-time analysis showing trends and highlighting anomalies captured in the imagery.

We can adapt these technologies to benefit agriculture, health care, pest control, shipping and containers, oil, gas, mining, and numerous other fields where capturing imagery and showing trends over time or detecting anomalies is beneficial.

5 Tips to Become a Better Programmer

While slower developers may be more proficient, faster developers get more done. Here are our 5 tips for becoming a better programmer! Tip #1: Stop Avoiding Bugs!No one becomes a master coder overnight. It takes practice, patience, and well, more practice. An amateur mistake that most beginners make is leaving bugs for later. By doing… Read More »5 Tips to Become a Better Programmer

No One is Perfect in the Beginning

Everyone starts from somewhere, and no one is perfect in the beginning. Upon founding Tryon in 2010, it took having the right people involved to hit the ground running. Computer science professor, Ellen Spertus writes about her humble beginnings as a programmer. Read article What was your experience when you first started your professional career?… Read More »No One is Perfect in the Beginning

What Are Your Strengths?

Three aspects that all resilient businesses and entrepreneurs have in common:1. PASSION2. COMMUNICATION3. INNOVATION “Architects and contractors of all ages and with diverse perspectives on technology continue to stress the need for innovative tools and processes to enable workflow, generate a model, and create a more seamless transition for information to move from one part… Read More »What Are Your Strengths?

10 Years in the Making: Meet CTO, Steve Paquin

Meet Steve Paquin, Tryon’s Chief Technology Officer since its founding a decade ago! Steve began his career in software development in the 80s for BPA. He then worked as a lead developer, software executive, and founder of multiple startups (High Desert Software, Sage Software Consulting, Webridge, Thetus Corporation, and Vigillo). “Automation is part of the core… Read More »10 Years in the Making: Meet CTO, Steve Paquin

New Software Will Save You Time & Money

Staying on the brink of new technology is essential for maintaining a competitive edge.

5 Tools to Advance Your Software

You should always be looking for ways to improve the performance of your company’s software, while also reducing costs. Digital tools will accelerate your delivery process by optimizing and speeding up development, while also receiving feedback across the delivery pipeline. Enhance your software with these 5 tools: DevOps Tools: improves software development speed, agility, quality,… Read More »5 Tools to Advance Your Software

Quality Assurance Services for SUCCESS!

From design to implementation, Tryon offers user-friendly custom software services that will save you time & money, while building customer & employee relationships. Tryon offers a variety of quality assurance services that will ensure your SUCCESS! 1. Enterprise software development and testing services for desktop, mobile, and cloud.2. Strategic Consulting, including process improvement and automation,3.… Read More »Quality Assurance Services for SUCCESS!

Escaping the Box

“Make a critical new assumption. There is no box. Tell yourself it’s a choice. Or, once and for all, set your box on fire.” LIMITING your POTENTIAL is the WORST decision you could make. Don’t place yourself in a box! Custom software is a great step to exploring how you can optimize your time, save… Read More »Escaping the Box

Working with Adidas

Tryon successfully provided Adidas with native apps, along with front and back-end web application development. As a result of our involvement, Adidas was able to accelerate their schedules, resolve communication issues with Smart sports equipment, quickly deliver robust athletic equipment and active lifestyle apps.

Technology & Working from Home

Tryon has an exceptional process in place that allows for remote work. In fact, we have performed many six-figure and above projects without ever meeting our clients in person. The key is good tools, mature processes, and great communication. This is critical for communications internally within our company, as well as externally with our clients… Read More »Technology & Working from Home

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