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Recent Projects


Developed test tools for signal strength, to evaluate interference, and to determine the effect of various technologies on the 3G, 4G, and GPS signal spectrums. The tools worked on numerous mobile platforms, including Android and Blackberry. Read More

Clearwire - Tested 4G tools and laptop dongles for Wimax connectivity.  We tested rollout in various parts of the US using custom tools and procedures.

Connection Manager testing for Mac and Windows and 4G software services for laptops and mobile devices. Read More

Harris Corp
4G software services for laptops and mobile devices.  Hotspot discovery apps.

Spectrum Co.
Customer research app for Android.

Time Warner Cable
Connection Manager testing for Mac and Windows and WiFi Finder for Android and iOS.


Smart soccer ball integration with iOS app.  Includes trajectory and other performance metrics along with comparisons to favorite soccer (football to some) players.
Health and fitness lifestyle iOS and Android apps. Read More

Healthcare and Lifestyle iOS and Android apps.

Cigna Health
Healthcare and Lifestyle iOS and Android apps.

“Leading Weight Loss Company”
iPhone software for weight maintenance and loss.

“Top mHealth Provider”
iPhone and Android software for maintaining and improving personal health.

Mobile Payments & e-Commerce

The official eBay Android and iOS apps for purchasing goods from vendors and for selling goods to end-users.

Mobile software for bill payment. Software designed to work on iOS, Android, feature phones, and other smartphones.

Travel, Lifestyle & Discovery

CHS Inc.
Large scale enterprise Precision Ag applications, including iPad scouting apps, web applications, and integration.  The app has been used for tens of millions of acres, including integration of mapping and high definition imagery with plant health monitoring and disease detection. Read More

Citation Jet Pilots
Online library of content related to Citation Jet safety, best practices, training materials, etc.  Created a system of document and content management in Drupal.  Provided an easy-to-use system for non-technical people to upload and modify content. Supported videos, word and excel documents, PDFs, and imagery.

Dutch Bros
iOS and Android apps with menus, nutritional information and social media links to support the thriving Dutch Bros Coffee community.

Emerald Metrics
Precision Ag enterprise system integrating multispectral imagers with Artificial Intelligence and IoT.

Family 15
System to support parents and grandparents with 15-minute activities with children. Integrated with national databases of content including movie showtimes and relevant activity content.

Food Carts Portland
Android app for finding food carts in the Portland, OR, USA area. Allows users to read reviews, menus, and hours of operation, as well as look at menus. Designed to expand to additional locales.

Grant County Oregon
FEMA time and equipment tracking web applications. Read More

Infinity Softworks
Android app providing complex financial and scientific calculator, including scripting and integration with calculation engine and online resources.

Oregon Brewers Festival
Official Android app for the Oregon Brewers Festival. App allows users to browse and find beers, build lists of beers to try, rate beers, and pull overall festival goers’ ratings from the cloud server.

Inventory control systems customized for various clients.  Applications include plasma and blood bag tracking with temperature controls, nuts and bolts for hardware suppliers, and tracking tools in Nuclear power plants.  Windows and Windows CE applications running on custom hardware with connectivity to RFID.

Mobile Security

Developed a system for securing and tracking mobile devices. Features included enterprise-class with group management, backup, picture taking, alarms, and remote wipe.

Enterprise security software for firewall and antivirus. IT management applications for service management.

GE Security eKey
Mobile apps for the real estate industry to allow real estate professionals to securely unlock key boxes at homes for sale or for rent.
Mobile Payments and e-Commerce

Enterprise security software for firewall and antivirus.  IT management applications for service management. Read More

Syn-apps SA Announce
Android app for enterprise campus security and disaster notification.

Enterprise IT management system with support for all major vendors of hardware and software for IT departments. Windows application development and ASP.NET web applications.

QA Training and support, including Jira setup and test planning.


Digital Federal Credit Union
End-user application for customers to share where they use credit union credit and debit cards around the world.  ASP.NET application, MS SQL Server database, hosted on Azure.

IED placement predictor and chemical storage monitoring.

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