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Comcast needed assistance during its rollout of 4G technologies, and Tryon stepped in to formulate a strategy for testing 4G connectivity.

OBJECTIVE: Gather requirements, translate those requirements into test cases, and review the test approach with the client to ensure focus on the areas of greatest need.

PLAN: Upon approval of the testing approach, Tryon enhanced the test cases and built a schedule to ensure effective testing early on and to maintain a strong rapport with the developers of the technology.  The test schedule was broken out into numerous phases, and Tryon identified periods where iterative agile testing would be beneficial.  Adherence to milestones was maintained to ensure the development was on track for product delivery.

RESULT: A full testing suite was built and configured for testing dozens of laptops, along with initial tests to refine the approach.

Upon executing the tests, Tryon determined the root cause of a variety of error conditions.  Details were provided in Jira for each issue discovered, including reproducible steps, logs, and all other information that developers would require to quickly reproduce the issue and start working on a fix.  Tryon discovered that some tests required transitions between cell towers and developed a creative use of Portland’s MAX light rail system. This allowed travel between various cell towers during automated and manual testing.

By leveraging the skills and experience of Tryon Creek Software, Comcast was able to quickly further their communication products.

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