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Grant County Oregon

Grant County Oregon was tracking information on paper and in spreadsheets.  Seeing the need to have a cloud-based system in order to provide a better user experience and reduce errors, Grant County contracted with Tryon Creek Software to develop time and equipment tracking applications over several phases.

OBJECTIVE: Develop a user-friendly cloud-based system

PLAN: Tryon gathered requirements from the county and created a fixed bid estimate that proposed a feature set and schedule that would meet the limited budget available for the project.  Upon acceptance of the agreement, Tryon proceeded to iterate through the feature set and provide the customer with weekly check-ins to see progress.  Despite requirements that were not detailed, Tryon was able to make adjustments throughout the course of the project while maintaining adherence to the budget and schedule targets.

RESULT: Through our efficient process and exceptional engineering, we were able to deliver a high quality, high-performance product that likely saved Grant County thousands of hours and a high ROI.

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