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Although McAfee had a large team working on their enterprise security products, they were embarking on a new front-end design, and they decided to use a Javascript technology that they did not have previous experience with.

OBJECTIVE: Develop McAfee's enterprise security software for firewalls and antivirus and IT management applications for service management.

PLAN: Tryon stepped in with their deep expertise in HTML and Javascript. They architected and implemented a new front-end that used Angular.js.  These efforts shaved months off of the schedule and provided a cost-effective and long-term maintainable product using high-performance web technologies.

RESULT: In addition to providing our expertise, Tryon integrated with the local and off-shore development teams as part of the larger enterprise suite being developed.  Tryon trained their developers in the technologies they used and helped document best practices.

On completion of this version 1 of the new architecture, McAfee was prepared to maintain and extend the user interfaces that Tryon created.  This is yet another example of how Tryon helps both large and small companies modernize their products.

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