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Building on technologies and skills developed by Tryon Creek Software over the course of the past 10 years, we have enabled enhanced abilities in cataloging, organizing, and analyzing imagery, using Artificial Intelligence and the associated machine learning in an incredibly fast process requiring no human intervention. One of the ways that we've developed these commercial enterprise features for our clients includes the ability to show their users trends nearly instantaneously. Using multi-layered tiffs generated by multi-spectral imagers we convert very complex computations and analyses into simple to use software graphical applications.

One of our most significant advantages is our ability to develop enterprise systems that process extremely fast and work seamlessly throughout the cloud, on-premise, and through back end tools. This is evident in the current iteration of the system that we have developed using our proprietary technologies to pre-process, capture, post-process, upload to the cloud, feed to the artificial intelligence, and almost instantly return actionable intelligence to the client dashboard. This entire process happens in a matter of seconds. Our client and its customers receive near real-time analysis showing trends and highlighting anomalies captured in the imagery.

We can adapt these technologies to benefit agriculture, health care, pest control, shipping and containers, oil, gas, mining, and numerous other fields where capturing imagery and showing trends over time or detecting anomalies is beneficial.

Custom Software Grows Your Business

Software that is personalized for your needs and goals saves money and hassle in the long run. Custom software tailored for your company, does not encounter compatibility or novice errors. For this reason, many companies prefer using custom software that offers desired features, rather than canned software that ends up costing even more money to… Read More »Custom Software Grows Your Business

Grant County Oregon Project

Nothing beats INTEGRITY, CREATIVITY, and QUALITY.Tryon guarantees transparency and quality assurance every step of the way! In response to COVID-19, we provided Grant County, Oregon a cloud-based system with a high-quality user-experience. We developed FEMA time and equipment-tracking applications, meanwhile maintaining adherence to the budget and schedule. With efficiency and exceptional engineering, a high-performing product was delivered.… Read More »Grant County Oregon Project

AI Technology

AI technology is revolutionizing the way we work by automating processes, providing data analysis insight, and engaging in communication with customers and employees. A customized cloud for hosting information all in one place will increase your efficiency, flexibility, security, and savings. Let’s start building your Cloud today!

Are You Ready to Build an App?

With decades of experience under our belt, we are experts in turning your ideas into reality! Custom software for cross-platform devices allows for advanced personalization. You’ll be able to focus on your needs that will grow your business.

Apps for Adidas

Tryon successfully provided Adidas with native apps, along with front and back-end web application development. As a result of our involvement, Adidas was able to accelerate their schedules, resolve communication issues with Smart sports equipment, and quickly deliver robust athletic equipment and active lifestyle apps. Read More about the project here.

Building Software that’ll Bring Your Ideas to Life

Don’t settle for less. If you can dream it, we can build it. At Tryon Creek Software, we build custom software to fit your needs: Apps, widgets, monitoring tools, AI development and more. Tryon Creek Software is here to help you turn your ideas into reality.

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