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5 Tips to Become a Better Programmer

Become a Better Programmer

While slower developers may be more proficient, faster developers get more done. Here are our 5 tips for becoming a better programmer!

Tip #1: Stop Avoiding Bugs!
No one becomes a master coder overnight. It takes practice, patience, and well, more practice. An amateur mistake that most beginners make is leaving bugs for later. By doing this, you leave yourself a difficult puzzle for later and software that does not function properly.

Make it a goal to spend more time planning and less time fixing bad code.

Tip #2: Read & Learn
More often than not, the solution to your coding problem is already somewhere on the internet. While it’s easy to copy and paste, understanding the documentation is essential to building your skills.

Write notes, review them, add new information, make corrections, and then continue reviewing the notes on a regular basis. Repetition will help you remember new information.

Eventually, you’ll become a programming bookworm!

Tip #3: Eliminate Distractions!
Studies show that most of our day is full of distractions from our work. Programming is a time-consuming process, and it can be easy to lose concentration. Try setting a timer and focusing on a task without any interruptions. If your environment is too noisy, a set of noise-canceling headphones may help. Close your door if you have one.

For better focus, declutter your desk for a clearer headspace. Are notifications from your computer or phone too distracting? Turn off the notifications or activate your device’s “do not disturb” mode.

Have you felt like you don’t have any energy? Opt for a balanced diet and exercise routine. Starting your day with a workout will set yourself up with more energy and focus for the rest of the day.

Tip #4: It’s Okay to Ask for Help!
Struggling is part of the learning process with anything new. If you’re not struggling, then you’re probably not learning! When it comes to learning how to program, first challenge yourself to figure out the solution on your own. However, don’t feel restrained from asking for help. We all start from somewhere, and you’ll discover that more often than not, there are people who are more than happy to help you.

Stack Overflow and Reddit have great programming communities where people will help to answer your questions.

Tip #5: IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
Investing in a quality IDE for the programming language you’re working in will save you valuable time. While it may have a complex learning curve, you’ll improve your efficiency, collaboration, capability, and project management.

We wish you the best of luck on your programming journey!

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