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Tryon Creek Software

What Are Your Strengths?

Three aspects that all resilient businesses and entrepreneurs have in common:1. PASSION2. COMMUNICATION3. INNOVATION “Architects and contractors of all ages and with diverse perspectives on technology continue to stress the need for innovative tools and processes to enable workflow, generate a model, and create a… Read More »What Are Your Strengths?

Escaping the Box

“Make a critical new assumption. There is no box. Tell yourself it’s a choice. Or, once and for all, set your box on fire.” LIMITING your POTENTIAL is the WORST decision you could make. Don’t place yourself in a box! Custom software is a great… Read More »Escaping the Box

Working with Adidas

Tryon successfully provided Adidas with native apps, along with front and back-end web application development. As a result of our involvement, Adidas was able to accelerate their schedules, resolve communication issues with Smart sports equipment, quickly deliver robust athletic equipment and active lifestyle apps.

Working with McAfee

Although McAfee had a large team working on their enterprise security products, they were embarking on a new front-end technology that they did not have previous experience with. Tryon stepped in and architected and implemented a new front-end. This cost-effective effort shaved MONTHS off the… Read More »Working with McAfee

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