Recent Projects


Clear Wimax/4G Networking

Clear connection manager for Mac and Windows.


Connection Manager testing for Mac and Windows.

Time Warner Cable
  • Connection Manager testing for Mac and Windows.
  • WiFi Finder for Android and iOS
Spectrum Co.

Customer research app for Android.


Developed test tools for signal strength, to evaluate interference, and to determine the effect of various technologies on the 3G, 4G and GPS signal spectrums. The tools worked on numerous mobile platforms including Android and Blackberry.

Harris Corp

App for testing DSL for continuity for Phone networks.


“Top mHealth Provider”

iPhone and Android software for maintaining and improving personal health.

“Leading Weight Loss Company”

iPhone software for weight maintenance and loss.

Mobile Payments and e-Commerce


Mobile software for bill payment. Software designed to work on iOS, Android, feature phones, and other smartphones.


The official eBay Android and iOS apps for purchasing goods from vendors and for selling goods to end-users.

Mobile Travel/Lifestyle/Discovery

Food Carts Portland

Android app for finding food carts in the Portland, OR, USA area. Allows users to read reviews, menus, and hours of operation as well as look at menus. Designed to expand to additional locales.

Oregon Brewers Festival

Official Android app for the Oregon Brewers Festival. App allows users to browse and find beers, build lists of beers to try, rate beers, and pull overall festival goers’ ratings from the cloud server.

Infinity Softworks

PowerOne Android Scientific, Financial, Construction, and other calculators. Sophisticated and flexible calculators.

Dutch Bros

iOS and Android apps to support the thriving Dutch Bros Coffee community.

Mobile Security

Syn-apps SA Announce

Android app for enterprise campus security and disaster notification.

GE Security eKey

Mobile apps for the real estate industry to allow real estate professionals to securely unlock key boxes at homes for sale or for rent.